Hi. I'm Justine.

You found my site and that makes me happy.
Here's a quick ice breaker, even though I already like you.


I’m a Product of New York City's Silicon Alley.

This means I've helped build many things, sometimes with a large budget, but often with little.
When not at work I can often be found pondering the existential question:
“What should my bio say?”.

It's my job to

Find the Story.

What separates you from current and future competitors?

Tell the Story.

Strategic creative - make everything work together.

Prove the Story.

Why and what will your audience share about you?

How I Work

The Process

You can find me working with the C-Suite on defining goals and the paths to reach them. I'm also often working to inspire the current team, as well as identifying new talent that will make our group grow cohesively stronger. My position has me delegating quite a bit, but I also get my hand dirty. I do my best to make sure that no part of the team feels like a cog in the wheel. The best work comes when everyone is valued, has ownership and is inspired.

The founder of an advertising agency once said this to me and I agree:

“Thinking outside of the box is easy and that's not was impresses me. There are always limitations, whether it be resources, red tape or difficult personalities. A great creative is clever enough to produce amazing work that makes the box they find themself in seem to disappear.”

I do my best to stay agile: frequent testing, ready for adaptations of plan, thinking for the future while not building out so far that pivoting isn’t possible.

  • • Identifying and leveraging tangible, ownable market opportunities that are specific to your current and potential future capabilities.
  • • Defining target audience(s) and the strategy to reach them.
  • • Developing creative assets that speak to the target audience and compels them to share what they’ve discovered.

I'm not a huge fan of the word "marketing". It makes me think of pushing flyers in peoples' faces. I love great conversations though. These happen at intersection of the right idea and context. Having this with strangers take some set up, such as being very channel specific.

Good communication isn’t about showing people who they are, but who they want to be and inspiring them to take action based on that. We get to put on an anthropologist’s hat here, get outside of our own heads and biases and find answers to the “why” questions. Fun stuff.

I still do some tv and radio spot, but usually avoid it. Too often they feel like we're throwing seeds into the wind. Sure they'll land, but where? I mean, they won't grow on the road. To avoiding sweaping concrete, I mostly work in the digital world. I concept, design, produce and test content and user-centric experiences - e-commerce to tech apps, digital ads, email, sms, social content and more.

I’m a hands on Creative & Strategy Director who keeps her hands in play. It’s the best way to keep lerning and keep from getting outdated.

Let's get sh*t done and produce content that people want to engage with and share - photo shoots, digital video and tv, websites, radio, digital ads, sms and email campaigns…

While ideally I can bring in people who are better than me in specific areas, I also know how to do all of the above on my own.

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