Hi. I'm Justine.

You found my site and that makes me happy.
Here's a quick ice breaker, even though I already like you.


I’m a Product of New York City's Silicon Alley...

meaning that I have a great deal of experience building brands, products and experiences from the ground up. I utilize creative, data, strategy and technical marketing expertise to help guide how brands show up with relevance and resonate with audiences.

When not at work I can often be found pondering the existential question:
“What should my bio say?”.

It's my job to

Find the Story.

Separation from current and future competitors

Tell the Story.

Strategic creative: making everything work together

Prove the Story.

Getting audiences to share the story

How I Work

The Process

You can often find me working with the C-Suite on defining goals and the paths to reach them. The rest of the time I'm with my creative team, working to inspire, mentor and identifying new talent that will strengthen our group as a whole. As a Creative Director, I delegate quite a bit, but I also get my hand dirty. Most importantly, I work to make sure that no part my team feels like a cog in the wheel. The best work comes when everyone is valued, has ownership and is inspired.

The founder of an advertising agency once said this to me and I agree:

“Thinking outside of the box is easy and that's not was impresses me. There are always limitations, whether it be resources, red tape or difficult personalities. A great creative is clever enough to produce amazing work that makes the box they find themself in seem to disappear.”

As Creative Director, it's my job to make sure strategy and creative a healthy relationship. While working to strengthen each, remaining agile in my approach is key.

  • • Frequent testing
  • • Always ready to pivot
  • • Planing for the future, while not building so far out that pivoting isn’t possible

I'm not a huge fan of the word "marketing". It makes me think of pushing flyers in peoples' faces. I love great conversations though, the ones that happen at the intersection of the right idea and the right context..

Good communication isn’t about showing people who they are, but bringing out who they want to be and inspiring them to take action based on that.

I prefer to work in the digital world where performance can be tracked. To me, print and tv campaigns are like throwing seeds into the wind. Sure they'll land, but where?

Let's get sh*t done and produce content that people want to engage with and share - photo shoots, digital video, websites, sms and email…

While ideally I can bring in people who are better than me in specific areas, I also know how to do all of the above on my own.

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