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Creative Director and Then Some
Crafting concepts from inception to execution:


Tasked with developing social content for a new job placement agency catering to recent graduates, I collaborated with improv comedians to illustrate the typical experiences with "other" job agencies. The objective was to distinguish "Fresh Grads" by presenting them as anything but conventional.

Feast & Fettle

Tasked with developing compelling, witty, and genuine brand stories that shape Feast & Fettle's brand identity beyond the confines of a typical food delivery company.


I've been involved in a dizzying number of political campaigns and, truth be told, I sometimes regret it. Here are a few that were at least a bit amusing—unlike the many other scary ones.


Truth be told, I threw these in just to show my experience working with a major client on large-scale projects.


YAP Cards
YAP's a card game that my husband and I created that's entrenched in satire and strategy.

Based on trending topics, there are no winners. The goal of the game is to cast as many Shame points onto opponents as possible. The first person to receive 21 Shame points loses.

The first edition, "Goodbye 2020" specifically focuses on our COVID year of hell. Trump vs. Biden, sports without fans, the great toilet paper rush, Karens and more. It’s all there, only this time it’s fun.

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