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Creative Director and Then Some
My Role

As Creative Director, I led a team of 10, crafting standout campaigns that crushed CPA projections, drove user shares. My responsibilities hit a wide range of tasks, including conceptualizing, designing, copywriting, and directing video shoots,.

The Result

In an extremely crowded and highly restricted political space, our campaigns exceeded expectations with CPAs under predictions and user shares driving acquisition.

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Mobilization: Animated Gifs/Statics
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Whether it's live action or animation, I almost always design screens for the story and feel.

What Matters
Hit Start


Founder and Creative Director


LONG STORY MADE SHORT I had an idea for a company, so I raised capital and launched SheerStyle, an ecommerce hosiery store and brand. In 2016, I sold the company, though it wasn't a totally glamous deal. I left feeling smarter, dumber, braver and more skilled than ever. This is also where I received my unofficial MBA.

Why hosiery/ecommerce?
  • Hosiery is expected to rip and when it does customers blame themselves, then buy another pair.
  • Great for subscription model
  • Can't try on in stores = no barrier to online shopping
  • Low returns - even if it “doesn’t fit” it fits
  • Light weight = inexpensive shipping
  • Small number of SKUs
  • Highend hosiery margin: 150% to 600%
Cover Photo

“Another pair bites the dust. At least I got to wear these more than once. Time for another pair.”

The Website

Fashion, inspiration and style advice packed up with a “behind the scenes” aesthetic — this content rich site showcased our hosiery and helped answer the inevitable question; “Will this look good on me?”.

SheerStyle Website
SheerStyle Website

"STYLE & TELL" was our tagline. It served as the overall storytelling theme that we used in cross-promotion and contests. Even our models were part of the story - fascinating NYC women with inspirational backgrounds.

Left to Right: Biomedical Engineer, Emergency Room Doctor, Jewelry Designer (Neiman Marcus) , Wanderlust Girls (bloggers), Yoga Instructor


Beautiful Nutrition

The Challenge:

Develop the branding and voice for a new B2B and B2C women’s health brand, as well as develop its first product line.


In ten retail stores within first year of launch.

Retail Logos
The Website

Beauty, health and science packaged up with a modern aesthetic — this content rich site, filled with information back by research studies, was informative without the scientific speak. In fact, the tone was witty, sometimes sarcastic and anything but standard.

BN Website
BN Website Blog
Product Development

I had never worked with a chemist to develop beauty products before. Luckily, my marketing and branding experience helped quite a bit! Below are a some examples.


The Ask: Products for women who are on the search for healthier hair

Answer: Healthy Hair Diet collection - shampoo, conditioner and supplement.

Healthy Hair Diet


The Ask: Products that can be used within a woman’s current beauty regimen

Answer: Mix Fix - conditioner boosters that revitalize your favorite products. No need to switch to a new conditioner, just boost it once a week for that first time feel.

Mix Fix


The Ask: Products related to trending beauty topics

Answer: Pretty Natal - all the beauty benefits of a prenatal vitamin, formulated for non-pregnant women

Pretty Natal

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