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Creative Director and Then Some
Research, Strategy, Concepting, Copywriting, Script Writing, Creative Direction, Leading Teams (internal & venters)

Stacey Abrams - FairFight Campaign

This campaign was high stress, but fun. Whether or not the campaign succeeded or failed was extremely public, so perhaps it was fun because it was successful.

The Challenge

Convince Georgians to vote in unprecedented numbers during a pandemic.

My Role

I was the Creative Director and led a team of about 10 people.  It was my job to review research, develop concepts, design and write copy for all creative, direct video shoots and oversee my team through production and final delivery.


In an extremely crowded and highly restricted political space, our campaign exceeded expectations with CPAs under predictions and user shares driving acquisition. And yes! Voter turn out broke an all time record.

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Mobilization: Animated Gifs/Statics
Student Loan Animated Gif
Mail in Ballot Animated Gif
Lifting Up Gif

Whether it's live action or animation, I almost always design screens for the story and feel.

What Matters
Hit Start


The Challenge:

This soon-to-launch restaurant chain, located within corporate food courts, came to me for branding. They wanted to position themself as go to place for access to elite kitchens, all within walking distance of the office. The kitchen and cuisine would change monthly, allowing customers to experience something new with little effort. The street sign logo was their initial design.

Ugly Logo
(Their original logo)
My Answer:

Worldly Cuisine. Local Scene.

Steats Logo Logo Alt Color Taste Further Colors Typeography First Class Travel Every Day


Why I picked this one

This one shows my personality and my need to stay busy. I created this game (with my boyfriend) during the month I had off in between political campaigns, during the pandemic.

YAP's a card game that's entrenched in satire and strategy. Based on trending topics, there are no winners. The first person to receive 21 shame points loses. There are no winners. Yes, politics inspired me.

The Challenge:

With very little time and budget (this was a passion project after all) create a card game that's fun to play, pokes fun at 2020 without pissing people off too much.


We launched a Kickstater Campaign > and raised $10,000. Our valiant attempts to make fun of 2020 topics evenly should not go unnoticed. We did our best to mute our own bias’, but it was an impossible feat to accomplish perfectly. When you find some, be careful, they may be your own.



Campaign series for a "startup" focused on job placement for graduates straight out of college.

The Challenge

Create a video campaign series that speaks to fresh graduates and entices them to sign up and spread the word.


"Snackable" video campaigns that utlized quirky humor. I casted inprov comedians as actors, wrote rough scripts and encouraged them to riff. Funny side note: I had broken ribs from a cycling accident while casting the comedians. It was painfully funny.

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