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Why Hosiery Ecommerce?

Most women buy hosiery,

yet no outstanding, dedicated online shopping experience existed for this timeless fashion staple. Cover Photo
“Another pair bites the dust. At least I got to wear these more than once. I should have filed my nails.”

Global Hoisery Market

will Reach $25.9 Billion by 2019, with an estimate

$2B Addressable Market

Ecommerce Makes Sense

  • Not allowed to try on in stores = no barrier to purchasing online
  • Low returns - even if it “doesn’t fit” it fits
  • Light weight = free shipping is inexpensive
  • Physically small stock
  • Timeless fashion product
  • Small # of skus
  • Incredibly high margin product
  • Product is expected to rip and when it does customers blame themselves, not the company
  • Subscriptions
High-end Hosiery Markup 150% to 600% +
* 2 of 10 page pitch deck (above)

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I left this company feeling smarter, dumber, braver and more skilled than ever. It as my unofficial MBA. There's much more to this story and if you'd like to hear it, let me know.

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