Building for Myself?

Building for Myself?

My business and creative sides are fairly balanced today, but this wasn’t always the case.

Fresh out of school, with too little professional experience I talked my way into high responsibility. I'd stay up nights learning from tutorials on how to do more than I currently could. I’m grateful for these adventures. They made me scrappy, however looking back I cringe. My mistakes during that period were too plentiful. I still make mistakes, but hopefully repeat them less.

This happened because I was too influenced by my own creative aspirations. I fell into the trap of building for myself and other "creatives" (aka. people in my bubble). My instinct told me that the more "creative" (the more interesting to people who think like me) I made whatever I was working on the better the company would do. Yes, I really thought that and I was wrong. I was preaching to the converted.

As the years past and I worked on my strategy side, two surprising things happened; #1 My creative became better. #2 I started remembering that I'll never know everything, but I know to look outside the bubble to find the answers.

So, what's the point of me writing this? Not much, but if you're a young creative who thinks they're really smart, contact me. I'll explain why you aren't and eventually you'll wish you listened.

Worth a Listen: Podcasts & Lectures

Armchair Expert
Meaning of WorkInteresting, not overly produced podcast. Usually Dax Shepard and Monica Padman interview a person of influence in a relaxed (feels like behind the scenes) way. Great listen for anyone in recovery or who knows someone in recovery. Though it's not the podcast's focus, it's a strong underlying theme.
Meaning of Work
Meaning of WorkFinding even the tiniest bit of meaning in our work is essential to our happiness and productivity. So, how can we make work more meaningful? In this episode, TED speakers explore our values and motivations. It's a great listen.
Last Lecture
Last LectureCarnegie Mellon professor, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture about achieving your childhood dreams is awesome. Despite being months away from death, he's upbeat and humorous, alternating between wisecracks, insights on computer science and engineering education, and offers inspirational life lessons.
Colbert's Workday
Colbert's WorkdaySlate’s podcast about work explores Stephen Colbert’s workday and how The Colbert Report is made. He's definitely on my top 10 friend wish list.
StartUpThe first season of this podcast is great. Alex Blumberg documents his  launching his startup, Gimlet (the umbrella media company of Startup). 

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