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You found my site and that makes me happy. Here's a quick ice breaker, even though I already like you.

I’m a product of New York City's Silicon Alley, which has granted me a great deal of experience building products, brands and experiences from the ground up. I love translating ideas into tightly honed concepts and final product.

#Obsessively-driven #Diversely-experienced #Entrepreneurial-spirit, full of energy and passion, but never full of myself.

When not at work, I can often be found pondering the existential question; “What should my bio say?”.

Building for Myself
UI Design Critique

My business and creative sides are fairly balanced today, but this wasn’t always the case.

Fresh out of school, with too little professional experience, I talked my way into some roles of high responsibility. I’m grateful for these adventures. They made me scrappy, but looking back, I cringe. It's painful to reflect on how plentiful my mistakes were during that period. I learned from them, but only to make the mistake of thinking that I was really smart again (again and again).

This happened because I was too influenced by my own creative aspirations. I fell into the trap of building for myself, and for other creatives. My instinct told me that the more interesting I made the product/project, the better the company would do. That was not always the case, however. While it’s great to be creative, without a strong business impact in mind, I missed the opportunity to make a larger and more productive impact.

As the years past, and I worked on honing my business/strategy sides, two surprising things happened; #1 I became a better creative because I was thinking strategically. #2 I started remembering that I'll never know everything, but can become one of the best at finding the people who have the answers I need.

So, what's the point of me writing this? Not much, but if you're a really young creative who thinks they're really smart, contact me. I'll explain why you aren't and eventually you'll wish you listened.

UI Design Critique

You're entitled to your informed opinion... and even better if you make me laugh.

I love having my work critiqued. It's amazing how clearly I see things after someone has taken a look. The clarity begins instantaneously.

I like Ed Catmull's idea, Braintrust. Catmull and his colleagues stumbled on the concept of a “Braintrust” somewhat by accident, but it's influenced their work tremendously. It started when he found himself surrounded by a group that was funny, focused, driven and passionate. They'd have intense discussions, but it never got personal. That's his point about a Braintrust, which is that the people in them aren't in a defensive posture. In fact, making work fun and somewhat playful, actually helps productivity.

Founder of IDEO, David Kelley also does a great job of explaining the importance of positive creative groups. In the video below, he tells stories from his legendary design career and his own life, and offers ways to build the confidence to co-create.


(I'm the girl)




Final Cut



2016 – Present
Freelance Creative, Product, Marketing & Strategy Director

Responsible for successfully implementing the full life cycle of projects, products & business launches

Clients: InStyle Magazine, Beautiful Nutrition, PepperTheory, Intel, Metropolitan Public Strategies, Wink Brow Bar, Definition 6


2013 – 2016
Founder & Creative Director,

Launched this ecommerce store after realizing that women's hosiery is the perfect ecommerce product.

Responsible for business model, financial projections, fundraising & investor relations, production (photo, video, products), website design (design & dev.), customer acquisition, hiring & managing team… in true “startup fashion” I wore many hats!


Freelance Creative, Product, Marketing & Strategy Director

Clients: InStyle Magazine, Intel, Pepe Jeans, NewYorkDress, Newsmotion, WishWould


Creative Director & Strategist, Antique Rivet

Recruited by holding company, Jean Design LTD to launch & run this brand. Responsibilities included business model (price point, audience), branding, production (photo, video, clothing), website design (design & dev.), customer acquisition, hiring & managing team…

I was pumped to have this opportunity so early in my career. I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was insanely hard work, but a fantastic learning experience, which resulted in a successful company.

Antique Rivet

Streetwear Fashion Designer/Art Director, Xray Jeans

This startup called me in for an interview thinking that the documentary film company I worked for in college was a fashion brand. It was my first job interview & once my true background was revealed, it took a great deal of self-selling before they agreed to hire me. I did't know much about fashion, but knew I was great at finding answers. No job too big or too small for me. With this position, I learned how to be professionally scrappy.

#mistakenidentity #buticandoit #thankyougoogle

Graduated 2005
BA Multi-Media, Pratt Institute

Focus on documentary film: writing, shooting, editing...

Graphic Design, Video, Photography, Front-end Programming, Animation...

#workhard #playhard

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